2016 Goals

2016 GoalsThe start of the new year has come and gone and it is time for my 2016 Goals.

I tend to stick with goals over resolutions because of they are always changing. It has always helped to me have things down in writing and in view. Whether it was on a Post-It or a piece of paper, this helps keeps me moving forward on those days when it is hard to.

So without further waiting, here are my 2016 goals in no specific order.

A New Reading Challenge – Last year it go off to a slow start but things picked up by the Summer. We found some new series to read and can’t wait to see where thing go this year.

Continue the Idea Walks – Not only have they been productive, they have been a blast. The cold weather can not stop the kiddo and I, maybe just slow us down some.

Branch Out – Whether it is writing in a specific genre or experiencing new things, this is something I need to continue to do to grow.

Taking a Step Back – There are time when I need to slow down and take in the bigger picture. This goes for my personal and professional life In the long run, it is going to help out.

Write – Write, write, and write.

Will I add more 2016 goals as the year goes on?



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