What’s New

The extra day in February was nice, but I am looking forward to March which is chock full of stuff.

First off, thanks to those who came out to Blood Bash 2020. The event was a blast and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. We met some great folks, sold a few books, and discussed all kinds of horror.

I did manage top finish the first draft for “The Path”. Now I need to clean it up before sending it over my editor. Who knows where I go from there. I could include it in the collection of short stories I plan on releasing by the end of the year. Or maybe I can find another home for it.

If you had a chance to check out the Flash Fiction section, let me know what you think. Some of the prompts turned out to be solid ideas for short stories.  This may be something I can expand upon toward the end of the year.

The Ark episode 6 should be available on Patreon before the end of the month. You really should go check out what has taken place so far.

Last but not least, I took on the editor role for Marisa’s Recurring Nightmares published by GLAHW. They are currently accepting submissions so go check out the requirements.