Readers Will See What They Want

Rose Thorns
A Rose, Thorns, or More?

Writers spend countless hours crafting their story but no matter what they do, readers will see what they want.

I learned this in a previous life working in the loss prevention field. My investigators would spend time giving detail descriptions of individuals we were looking for.

No matter what we said, the employees would form different images in their head which would never match up.

This is why it is important for writers to think about this when it comes to their story. Continue reading “Readers Will See What They Want”

Reading Will Always Be The Key

20151130_171226This may not be a new to most folks, but reading will always be the key to our lives as humans beings. It has helped us grow as every way possible.

Despite this, most folks do not read and this still amazes me.

It is bad enough how many people stop reading books after they are done with their high school or college years.

I do get it how there can be little interest in reading something for education purposes.

Or even how it is easier, thanks to our fast paced society, to watch the movie than pick up the book and spend an extra few hours.

But hope is out there. Continue reading “Reading Will Always Be The Key”