How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

RemeberedWith the recent loses of Alan Rickman and David Bowie, it is hard for the majority of us not to wonder about your own mortality.

We all know our time on this planet is limited.No matter what we do. there is no way around it. Death is inevitable.

Which leads us to thinking of all kinds of question. When or how will it happen? What happens after we die?

One question a friend brought up the other day was how do I want to be remembered? Continue reading “How Do You Want To Be Remembered?”

2016 Goals

2016 GoalsThe start of the new year has come and gone and it is time for my 2016 Goals.

I tend to stick with goals over resolutions because of they are always changing. It has always helped to me have things down in writing and in view. Whether it was on a Post-It or a piece of paper, this helps keeps me moving forward on those days when it is hard to.

So without further waiting, here are my 2016 goals in no specific order. Continue reading “2016 Goals”

Your Favorite Font

Your Favorite Font Most people have a favorite font when they are working on the computer.

Sure there are some people who stick with the default font for their program but where is the fun in that.

Then there are those who like to switch their default font to something better looking than Arial.

Oh yes, do not forget about the folks who use a wide variety of fonts through all of their programs or are constantly changing them.

Here are my favorite fonts I make sure to use depending on the situation. Continue reading “Your Favorite Font”