Character Development is Top of the List

Character-Plot-SettingPlot and setting are important to your story, but character development needs to be at the top of your list.

We know each part goes hand in hand when it comes to creating a successful story.

But I have read too many stories where they have been hurt by the lack of any real character development.

Minor issue with the plot or a lackluster setting can be overcome with the characters in your story. The same could not be said if there is little reason for the readers to care about them.

Part of the problem is writers sometimes tend to have their characters grow in a linear line. The protagonist starts out at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder and by the end, they are running the company.

Remember, life is not as simple as moving from Point A to Point B.

The same should be said for your characters.

Every character is unique and their development should be as such. We could see them grow under one set of circumstances and regress in a another.

The important thing is to make sure you have it.

By  having your your character change through the story or series, it will create a deeper connection with the reader and bring them back each and every time.

Make sure take your time and focus on character development, your story will thank you for it.

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