Collaboration Projects Are In My Future

When I first started writing, I never thought I would be working on a story with a co-writer.

Apparently times have changed.

The kiddo and I have been doing idea walks for a few years now and it appears they have resulted into possible collaboration projects.

At first glance, some would say, including myself that I created a monster.

The idea walks started out to bounce ideas off each other for our respective mediums. Fiction for myself and a card based game for him.

The more we have talked about our ideas, the more they became fleshed out.

Before I knew he, was adjusting his characters and seeing which of my stories they could fit.

Initially I was hesitant.

Not because he had bad ideas, but they did not jive with what I had planned out. Instead of just disregarding what he was saying and I decided to listen to him.

There are a few ideas I am on the fence still but there are a few characters I could see using in a Steampunk series.

They would work as the protagonist and are definitely unique.

So yeah, collaboration projects will be coming down the road.

Frankly I can not wait.

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