Don’t Let Those Deadlines Beat You Up

DeadlinesDeadlines are apart of every writer’s life no matter what field or genre you work in.

The deadline can self-inflicted to help keep the you on track or perhaps it is was given by a third party.

The problem is some writer’s let the deadlines get the better of them causing undue stress.

It is important to remember they can be your friend and work to your advantage. There are several things I have learned over the years which have helped me twist the dreaded deadline into a friend rather than a enemy.

Use a different angle – Most folks may see the date and decide to kick the can down the road.  Instead view it as a tool to help you succeed.

Make them reasonable – When it comes to setting your own deadlines, it is important to make them reasonable. Knocking out a 60,000 story in a week may not be doable but also giving yourself two years to complete the first draft may not be helpful.

Reward yourself – I have mentioned this before but it is really important when it comes to deadlines. By giving yourself some kind of treat or small reward, you will find you fear them less each time.

Embrace the deadlines and get them to work for you rather than working against you. Is there anything different you do with them in your writing life?

2 Replies to “Don’t Let Those Deadlines Beat You Up”

  1. Not meeting a deadline depresses me. Like, it totally brings me down. I probably need to work on your 2nd and 3rd points. You mention 2 years, Origins took 6, and my current WIP is at the 4 year mark. LOL I can come up with a million excuses, but the truth is I probably lack discipline.

    1. It used to bother me a lot early on but eventually I began to change how I viewed them. It has helped some, but still can be hard.

      It may have taken you a while on Origins, but I do not think it is lack of discipline. Otherwise it would not be done. 🙂

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