March Was A Real Witch

The combination of awful weather and life things popping up in March made it an unproductive and a real witch of a month.

Things started off all well and good. I was working on several stories at a good and was avoiding any major roadblocks. That was until Mother Nature decided to step in.

One week into the month a massive windstorm came through MI and we ended up without power for five days.

Sure I wasn’t going to let anything like that get in the way. But other life things started to pop up and before I knew it, March was over.

To say I got squat done would be an understatement. This was one of the most unproductive months I have had in some time.

The one saving grace was the end of the month meant a long needed trip to the South to see my family. The trip went well and we all had a blast.

How is April going to shape up? Now I am raring to go and ready to make up for the time loss in March.

I have no idea except it is bound to be better than March.

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