My 2017 Goals

A new year is here and the time has come to set my 2017 goals for the next 12 month.


While everyone was giving their resolutions for the new year,  I have decided to stick with my normal modus operandi and create my 2017 goals.

Personally I think when someone creates a goal, it always is more realistic than a New Year’s resolution.

Remember, the main thing I want out of my 2017 goals is success.

Freshen Up the Website

I am going to find some creative folks to add some flair to the site. Give you folks something to look at aside from the written word.

Quadruple My Submissions

Last year I completed four submissions for various publications or submissions. This year, I am going to increase this four fold.

Author Newsletter

During 2017 I am going to do some in-depth research on creating an author newsletter. I would like to find out if it is a better means of communication for news and updates.


One area I saw a dip in 2016 was keeping things organized. I lost track of a few things, like possible story ideas and deadlines for contest. This is something I am not proud of and will be rectifying it this year.

Reading Challenge

The kiddo and I have been regular visitors at our local library and it is going to increase this year. Maybe even drag my better half a few times, even though she has her books on her phone.

Write, write, write Goes without saying. 😉

Sure some of the goals may not be outrageous but the key thing with each of them is they are realistic.

If you feel like sharing, what are some of your 2017 Goals.


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