One Genre May Not Be Enough

fiction-genreGone are the days where every story falls under one genre, instead readers are given ones mixed with two, three, or more genres.

More and more I see books blending various genres into their story and this is a great thing.


Sure sometimes the author takes this route to reach a wider audience and garner more book sales.

Majority of the time it is the nature of the story which leads to this co-mingling of genres.

By no means am I suggesting you should stretch it by saying your story falls under Romance because the main characters falls in love.

But what if the main character falling in love could becomes the pivotal point in the story and help push it forward? One could argue it  could be consider a light romance.

Sometimes it can be hard for a writer to determine which genre is the best fit?

The easiest way I have rectified this was just taking a look at the synopsis for your story. Normally it gives enough insight into seeing where it fits.





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