Pat Yourself on the Back

Every success is usually preceded by several failures so it is important to remember to give credit when it is due.

You know where I stand on rewarding the small stuff but I tend not to follow what I tell folks to do and pat yourself on the back.

Not sure why but I have always found it hard give myself credit when it is due. No matter what facet of my life it is, I tend not give myself any props even when I am the driving force behind the success

Despite my failings, I do know this is something I need to change. It is something I need to do and all writers need to do throughout their career.

Now I do not mean shouting your successes when you complete a paragraph or two. But you should give yourself credit when  you finish the first draft of your short story or novel.

Sure may be it is not the next top seller but it is still an accomplishment. It takes a lot of effort to follow through with crafting a story and everyone is not cut out for it.

For the rest of 2017 I am going to do my part and follow my advice. After all, we have to be our biggest fans.

Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back, it does help.

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