Post-It Notes Are a Thing of Beauty

Some things I consider beautiful are fresh snow on the ground, a sunrise, my wife and son are beautiful things. I have Post-It notes on my list.

While you might agree with me on the first few, I am sure a handful of you are questioning my sanity when it comes to those sticky square pieces of yellow paper.

For starters, the Post-It is such a simple concept. It is the original Twitter, without the sharing with the world.

You have a square piece of paper that is perfect to scribble down a few words up to a fifty or so.  On top of it, the sticky back allows you to place it anywhere you want. Oh yes, I am old school when it comes to the Post-Its, I steer clear of the other colors or shapes.

What makes them so beautiful is the many uses for them. They can be used to keep my To-Do lists organize or to play a game with my son.

The one thing I absolutely enjoy using them for is to help layout the plot & subplots for my WIP.

While I do enjoy using Scrivener now for my writing, there is something about sitting down with a fresh pack of Post-its and shifting them around to make sure the story flows. I also enjoy using them during the development of my characters.

So in this electronic age, does anyone else use Post-Its or has everyone gone digital?

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