Reading Will Always Be The Key

20151130_171226This may not be a new to most folks, but reading will always be the key to our lives as humans beings. It has helped us grow as every way possible.

Despite this, most folks do not read and this still amazes me.

It is bad enough how many people stop reading books after they are done with their high school or college years.

I do get it how there can be little interest in reading something for education purposes.

Or even how it is easier, thanks to our fast paced society, to watch the movie than pick up the book and spend an extra few hours.

But hope is out there.

This is why we we have taken steps in the past or are currently making sure reading remains one the top of our priorities in the household.

In the past, we had done reading challenges to see who many books we could read in the year.

Lately we had included weekly trips to the library during our idea walks.

We have seen even more promising things in the city we live in. The school system has taken extra steps to try and make sure reading stays a part of their student’s lives.

Refurbished newspaper machines have been popping up with books for all ages. People can donate books to them and borrow the ones that interest them.

Every bit helps. So it doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure reading will always be the key in your life and those around you.


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