Rundown of My 2017 WIP

With all of the ideas running through my head, this was the perfect time to peruse my current WIP and decide which ones to focus on.

It took me a few days to sort through everything but I finally came up with my list of 2017 WIP to finish and submit this year.

Sure I have already share my goals for the coming year, but I wanted to be focused with my writing. By selecting specific stories, it should help me make better use of my time.

Each story is at different phases. Some are only an idea, while others are in the final phases of the first draft.

You will see most are set to be short stories with the exception of a few. But it does not mean they are any less important. Some shorts are meant to be introductions into characters who I have broader plans for.

The titles for my WIP are pending and are likely to change.

“The Proposal”               (Horror – Short Story)

“Pillars of Strength”      (Horror/Steampunk – Short Story)

“Energy Drain”               (Steampunk/Horror – Novella)

“Lechuza”                         (Urban Fantasy/Horror – Short Story)

“The Gambler”                 (Urban Fantasy – Short Story)

“Shenney Man”                (Urban Fantasy/Horror – Short Story)

“Drive Thru”                     (Sci-Fi Short Story)

“Haunted Mall”                (Horror/Urban Fantasy – Short story)

“Crimson Triangle”          (Urban Fantasy/Horror – Novel)

I will be sure to update you when any of these 2017 WIP are published and available.


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