Spring Cleaning Tips for Writers

Spring cleaning is not just good for breaking out of the winter funk, it is the perfect way to to keep your writing life fresh.

I know some folks like to do their version of Spring cleaning at the start of the new year but I prefer to wait until Winter is in the rear view mirror.

Why is Spring cleaning important for writers?

Time has a habit of flying by, as a result things can get lost in the shuffle. By taking some time to tidy up your files, it could be the perfect way to help re-energize your writing.

Just like writing styles, every writer is different. One thing may work for you while it may not work for others.

Here are a few spring cleaning steps I have taken in recent years.

  • Review idea sheets
  • Review older works
  • Re-arrange work spaces
  • Clean contact lists

So figure out a few thing you want to do and rank them in order of importance. By doing this, you can tackle the higher priority items first.

Let’s face it, while this is something we would love to do every month, but it is not feasible for most of us. This was something I had to learn because I tend to procrastinate.

Whether you reserve it for the spring or the end of the year, it is important to take some time to do this.

Do you do any kind of spring cleaning on an annual basis?

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