There Will Never Be Another Star Wars

Today fans celebrate May the Fourth Be With You. While it helps bring in another generation of fans into the film franchise, there is no denying the one simple truth.

The truth is there will never be another Star Wars or anything resembling it but it does not mean we should stop trying to create something bigger than a simple story.

I am still baffled when I hear people say my work could never be compared to greats like Star Wars or the Harry Potter series.

I agree it is a daunting task for sure but I don’t think Rowling or Lucas ever thought their work would become as big as their creations came.

You should always have the intention of putting the world on notice that your story, script, or various creative device is the next big thing. That it will define the generation and become a source of inspiration.

Otherwise you will have to live with what could have been. Always not knowing how things would have turned out.

So while there will never be another Star Wars, it is fine because you can make the next greatest thing.






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