Tweaking the World

Change is always a good thing and the time has come to make a few alterations to the world.

Over the years, I have been tweaking the world a little bit at a time but the time has come for me to add them up and do a major rework.

Some of the changes came as a result of necessity to aid with story arcs. Others were done because the directions characters took.

The biggest thing you will noticed is the addition of specific events that have taken place in our history. This was done to help strengthen the time line for the characters and give the readers a solid background.

This is something I always wanted to do from the beginning but had a hard time figuring out which ones I wanted to utilize. Eventually I settled on the events I wanted to focus on.

There might be some additional changes made in the future but I feel things are going in the right direction for this world.,

You will find more details on how things transpired over the years. Check out the entire update over at the World.





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