Flash Fiction

Each month I am challenging myself to come up with a fiction with fifty words or less.

The Hunt  (April 2019)

Father and son remained hidden and counted the minutes go by as the stranger searched each room in their house. The father tried to comfort his son and remain quiet while the unknown intruder continues to shout their names.

Silence (May 2019)

The woman grew more annoyed at the screams coming from the basement. Each time they grew louder and louder from the pain being inflicted. Thankfully it would be short lived when she slipped on a new pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Fastest (June 2019)

Each child’s heart raced as their breathing grew more ragged. They tried to run faster than the others. Their leg muscles ached as they sprinted across the open field. Knowing whoever was last would not live through the night.

Mother (July 2019)

The mother broken down and began to sob as she watched her son dragged down the hallway. As her body trembled, she used the nearby wall for support. He was being taken to his  toward his new home, a padded room.

Vacations (August 2019) 

The cruise ship was meant to be a fresh start for Steve and Vanessa.  Instead, they now found themselves at stranded in lifeboat and at the mercy of the sea. They ran out of fresh water two days ago and have not eaten anything for just as long.

School (September 2019)

The start of a new school year was something David feared. Not because of the new surroundings or classmates. Rather it was increased chance he had of being selected this year because he was a year older and had earned more entries.

Fall (October 2019)

Ron watched the trick or treaters wander down the sidewalks, giggling about the amount of candy they received.  Ron knew things would have been differently for them had they showed up five minutes sooner. The small clown would agree if he was able to talk.

Family Traditions (November 2019)

Vanessa was bored of the yearly family traditions. Gone are the days when she would count the minutes until the big day. Now she wishes it was over the moment it started. She would plan on talking to Uncle Mason about adding some new life to the hunt next year.

Holidays (December 2019)

The holidays come and go every year. David found the best way to enjoy them was to play pranks on the Coopers. This year, they brought guests to their holiday party. One who knew a way to help send those like him into the light.

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