Flash Fiction

The challenge this year is to create a Flash Fiction ( 50 words or less) based on a writing prompt. The fiction will be posted every Monday until the end of the year.

1/27 The Backyard Cemetery

The new house was practically a steal, but the longer she stared out the window she realized the made a huge mistake. It was bad enough the Day of Reckoning had arrived, but it did not help to see the dead rising up in her backyard.

1/20 – Spiders

It has been three years since the last Black Moon, something the folks of Cedar Falls had been preparing for. The bait had been placed and the traps were set. They knew for the Black Moon’s duration, their town would be overrun with too many spiders to count.

1/13 – Abandoned Insane Asylum

The wind howled as the snow pelleted the warped plywood. Sam did his best to keep calm, but the whimpers from his wife and daughter made it difficult.  He knew there had to wait out the storm until they could leave Sunnyvale.

1/6 – Serial Killer Cult

Darren looked out over his followers. Each one was devoted and eager to the overall belief of their idols. They had studied their methods used. By the dawn of the next day, the world would know though their physical beings were gone, their true essence wasn’t.




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