Flash Fiction

The challenge this year is to create a Flash Fiction ( 50 words or less) based on a writing prompt. The fiction will be posted every Monday until the end of the year.

At the start of April I made the decision to move the rest of the Flash Fiction to my Patron page. If you like what you see below, head over to my page. There you can sign up for basic tier to gain access to the ones for the rest of 2020.

3/30 Above his Bed

The squeak of the bed springs brought Trevor out of his slumber. The weight shifted as the being jumped few times before flopping down. Trevor wrapped all of his tentacles around his form, trying to bring him comfort. Once the young one was asleep, he could sneak out.

3/23 – Text Messages

The cellphone vibrated on the surface of the oak table, bringing Peggy out of her much needed nap. She rubbed her temples as the vibrant purple phone danced for her. She wanted to check the notifications but was terrified of what the text message would show.

3/16 – Head Transplant

Steve prepared to pop the cork on the celebratory champagne. The talk show circuit would come calling to discuss the first successful head transplant. A gut wrenching scream from the post-op room broke the mood. A pit grew in his stomach when it ended abruptly.

3/9 – Cemeteries

Bryan had gone to the cemetery to say happy birthday to his mom. He was now doubled over and struggling to take a breath. His chest burned as he watched a pair of rotten hands breaking through the wet grass.

3/2 – Hansel & Gretel

The witch grinned as Gretel skipped toward to the oven. Once she was inside, the witch would be well fed for days. Gretel paused in by the old witch and gave a wide smile. “I’m glad my meals are always fresh.” Her fangs descended when she lunged at the witch.

2/24 –Clowns

Charles was a heavy sleeper, but the smell of body odor and burnt cotton candy was enough to wake him out of his slumber. He wiped away the remnants of sleep only to find someone standing over him. Rather, it was Snorkels the Clown.

2/17 – Pirate Ship

Their boat bumped against the side of the wooden vessel. The faded sails billowed under increasing winds. The family stood silent. It was impossible the ship was afloat with the warped and rotten wood. The sight was enough to distract them from the skull and crossbones flying overhead.

2/10 – Scarecrow

Ray liked creating things every chance he had. The finished product always put a smile on his face. But he had never made anything as creepy as the Scarecrow and he loved it. The smile on his face grew even wider when it turned to face him.

2/3 – Darkness

Lisa peeked through the curtains, hoping to see the rising sun. Instead there was darkness, one where even the manufactured light could not escape. Her stomach churned when John touched her shoulder. She knew he was going forward with his plan to go look for help.

1/27 The Backyard Cemetery

The new house was practically a steal, but the longer she stared out the window she realized the made a huge mistake. It was bad enough the Day of Reckoning had arrived, but it did not help to see the dead rising up in her backyard.

1/20 – Spiders

It has been three years since the last Black Moon, something the folks of Cedar Falls had been preparing for. The bait had been placed and the traps were set. They knew for the Black Moon’s duration, their town would be overrun with too many spiders to count.

1/13 – Abandoned Insane Asylum

The wind howled as the snow pelleted the warped plywood. Sam did his best to keep calm, but the whimpers from his wife and daughter made it difficult.  He knew there had to wait out the storm until they could leave Sunnyvale.

1/6 – Serial Killer Cult

Darren looked out over his followers. Each one was devoted and eager to the overall belief of their idols. They had studied their methods used. By the dawn of the next day, the world would know though their physical beings were gone, their true essence wasn’t.




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