What’s New

Somehow I have thawed out enough to make a few quick announcements.

I will be making my first appearance of 2019 at Blood Bash in Jackson MI on Feb 16th. I will do my best to represent GLAHW as we offer up all kinds of amazing horror anthologies.

Also, you can head over to my Facebook page and check out the new shop I created. You will find a few choice offerings for sale and I will guarantee each one comes with a personalized message.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t check out my Patreon page, you should.

You can find out more information on my Web Series, The Ark. Go click on the cute puppy to the right to see how my web series is progressing.

Currently Reading

At the PlateShark Island by Chris Jameson

They had me with the mere mention of Sharks..

On Deck -Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

Been wanting to check out this series so I am excited to delve into it..

2019 Book Count – 1  (I am a bit behind, need to catch up)