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Honestly it still feels like Fall thanks to the lukewarm "winter" weather.

Some might say I'm stirring up Mother Nature and you are probably right. But enough of weather talk.

January was where reading was front and center. Short stories to novels, and from werebears to zombies. Enjoyed reading a few things to keep my interest going.

A good portion of the month was spent cleaning up some short stores based on some feedback from my editor. I had hoped to dive into the novella I'm working on, but looks like I had to save that for February.

The Neighborhood flash fiction series continues with "Brother" and "Parents", which debuted in January. Head over to my Instagram account, or sign up for the newsletter, which will be a month behind.

You can expect an announcement or two where I might show up in the next few months.,

Remember, we can all be a better person and read more horror.