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February is done and gone.

While it is the shortest month of the year, it was a productive one.

I made some headway with a few short stories this month, including some much needed editsa. Even better I was able to lay out a play for the remainder of the year.

Keeping up with my TBR, I knocked out a few more selections last month. My latest version of Last - Now - Next is available on my Reading Pile Page.

The Neighborhood flash fiction series continues with "Call". You can find it over to my Instagram account. Or if you don't mind it a few days later, you can sign up for my Newsletter.

Another interesting update is bringing the Bone Oracle to life later this year. It may be brought to life via Kindle Vella.

Last but not least, I stepped out of my comfort zone and contributed a script for a horror graphic novel based on phobias. Time will tell how it turns out. I'll be sure to update the progress of it.

Remember, we can all be a better person and read more horror.