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Distractions. The story for the month of April. Can't live with them and can't live without them.

The short stories I was working on in April made some headway but not like I wanted too. Good thing, the Submission period is not until the end of May.

One of the stories is really striking a chord and I'm looking forward to sharing with yout.

I did hit a snag with the novella for most of the month, but things did begin to clear up at the end of April. Hoping to have this story sent over to my editor in the next month or so.

The Neighborhood flash fiction series last checks in with "Gratitude". You can find it over to my Instagram account. Or if you prefer, sign up for my Newsletter to see it a few days later.

The Kindle Vella series are taking shape and should be read for a Summer / Fall Release. One series will focus on an unlikely bond between a pair of arena fighters as they try to escape the control of the demon who runs it. Another series involves a pair of brothers who take on fake psychics who con people out of their money.

One thing I always say, is try new things. For example, my son recently suggested we try a Brazilian Lemonade. A few ingredients, like limes, sweeten condensed milk, water, and ice, created a smooth and refreshing drink.

This is something we will be trying again for sure. Did you try anything this month?

Remember, we can all be a better person and read more horror.